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AEROS: Ready to start!

Ready to START!

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You know?

We didn’t have 1 day off from October last year, but we don’t feel tired because everything we did, we did with passion and determination. We are ready after 7 years of break to put this show on stage again. We worked so hard for this, we had training even at 7.00 AM, 10 PM and all this without stopping our jobs, or our training for World Championship in Aerobic Gymnastics.

Are you ready?

Because we are so ready to be on stage and to delight the audience with this beautiful show.

 Aeros is a unique entertainment that has an enormously wide appeal, bringing together the skill and athleticism of the Olympics, the sophistication of modern dance and the spectacle of the Cirque du Soleil. What makes Aeros so special and so successful is the combination of talents it has harnessed in its creation.

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You will find us here:

1st of March: AOSTA, Italy – Teatro Splendor

2nd March: CHIASSO, Switzerland – Teatro Comunale

4th March: ASSISI, Italy – Teatro Lyrick

5th March: BOLOGNA, Italy – Teatro delle Celebrazioni

8th March: BARI, Italy – Teatro Team

10th March: ALESSANDRIA, Italy – Cine Teatro Alessandrino

11th-13th March: MILANO, Italy – Teatro degli Arcimboldi

14th March: FIRENZE, Italy – Teatro Verdi

15th March: GENOVA, Italy – Teatro Politeama Genovese

16th March: TORINO, Italy – Teatro Colosseo

18th March: TRIESTE, Italy – Teatro Rossetti

19th March: SAN DONA’ di PIAVE (VENEZIA), Italy – Teatro Metropolitano Astra

20th March: SAN DONA’ di PIAVE (VENEZIA), Italy – Teatro Metropo

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SO…I missed AEROS, Did you miss it?



Laura Cristache.


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