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Despite the words, your toes have very little to do with the motion of a proper point. This is where many people get confused; they engage their toes, but nothing else. Pointing your toes should engage the whole foot, not just the toes. In fact, you should feel it throughout the lower and mid-calf as well. […]

Larisa Iordache a cucerit medalia de bronz la Campionatele Mondiale de la Glasgow, în finala de la individual compus, în timp ce Laura Jurca s-a clasat pe locul 8. Notele obţinute de gimnastele noastre în finala sunt următoarele: Larisa Iordache – bârnă 14.766, sol 14.475, sărituri 15.066, paralele 14.800 (total 59.107); Laura Jurca – sol […]

  Enjoy, Laura Cristache.

  Enjoy, Laura Cristache.

  Enjoy, Laura Cristache.