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1. Great Britain 172.147,

2. Romania 171.130,

3. Russia 170.621, 

4. Italy 166.928,

5. Germany 166.695

6. Switzerland 163.663,

7. Belgium 162.630,

8. Spain 162.271.


Iordache (ROU) wins the unofficial all-around with 59.499. Steingruber (SUI) is second and Pihan-Kulesza (POL) third.

Qualifiers for vault final: Steingruber, Pavlova, Fragapane, Iordache, Berger, Sosnitskaya, Makra and Bui.

Bars finalists are Downie, Mustafina, Tunney, Spiridonova,, Scheder, Iordache, Bui, Popa Nedelcu.

Beam finalists are Iordache, Kharenkova, Pihan-Kulesza, Mustafina, Downie, Ferrari, Martin, Steingruber.

Floor finalists are Iordache, Fragapane, Steingruber, Ferrari, Bulimar, Pihan-Kulesza, Sosnitskaya, Popa Nedelcu.

Here you can see Larisa Iordache – floor

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